Justyna Petelicka studied economics and journalism. Her career has been focused mainly on work in commercial media, the innovation of entertainment programs as well as advertising. In 2013 she embraced her passion and created her own fashion brand JAP Petelicka. Justyna’s inspiration and talent came from her family’s background in tailoring. In 2019 the Polish Academy of Fashion awarded Justyna with the Golden Statue for artistic achievements in fashion. Her collections were presented twice during the Berlin Fashion Week. Her projects were featured not only in polish, but in many other magazines worldwide such as L’officiel, Vogue Italia, Elle, InStyle, Cosmopolitan and Harper’s Bazaar. The clothes and styles from Justyna’s collections are in high demand among the polish image consultants, stylists, and celebrities.

About Brand JAP Petelicka

The brand’s philosophy is to create beautiful clothes for self-confident women looking for unique designs. We create luxurious fashion, well-cut and sewn from high-quality materials. Haute couture dresses are hand-sewn in unique, single patterns They are decorated with hand-painted details, hand-shaded tulle, artistic embroidery and haute couture appliques. JAP creates collections that focus on formal, elegant evening styles along with the Bridal and wedding designs, and the pre-a-porter and children fashion. To help save our planet, the brand only uses fabrics that come from reliable , environment friendly sources, and ensures they were produced in proper, ethical conditions. JAP Petelicka Collections are short series of distinctive clothes with creative, innovative and artistic touch.