Fashionable and timeless, dubai-based lebanese designer dima ayad established her namesake label in 2010. Obsessed with all things metallic, the designer’s chic yet comfortable silhouettes are ideal for special occasions or events. The dima ayad brand is synonymous with inclusivity, embracing women of all shapes and sizes. The designs are meant to speak for themselves with minimal additional effort required to achieve a complete and glamorous look, making a woman feel and look her best.

The designer took us into a world of vibrant hues with this fashion collection, where every piece has been meticulously crafted with precision to embody uniqueness and inclusivity. The designer’s affinity for all things metallic is prominent throughout the collection, featuring a textured gold dress with gladiator vibes, metallic collars on thobe-like dresses, and electrifying pops of blue in gradient shades. The carefully curated color palette and fabric choices perfectly complement each other and the female temple. In addition to metallic accents, the collection features trendy details such as scrunches, patterns, and defined fringes, adding an extra layer of texture and dimension to each piece.