PIPATCHARA - rtw AW23/24

PIPATCHARA’s new collection, “Sensation Spectrum,” delivered a unique combination of sustainability and luxury. The collection was inspired by the sensations of nature experienced during vacations, focusing on light and sound, giving us 30 looks of versatile designs suitable for any lifestyle. The use of Infinitude, an unconditional material, enabled infinite possibilities in terms of colorway and design with a color palette of grey, navy, silver, black, olive green, light purple, white, and light pink. The Infinitude jewelry demonstrated the potential of sustainable materials in the fashion industry, while the contemporary Macrame technique elevated the texture and craftsmanship of the outfits. 

PIPATCHARA - couture AW22/23

Emboldened by Thai wisdom in the form of a contemporary goddess, the Pipatchara woman lit up the runway with her newfound sense of enlightenment and fashion-forward sense.   The Thai brand known for its hand-knotted macramé designs unveiled its “Crystallization No.4” collection, closing d3 in Southeast Asian pageantry. The sister-design act employed sustainable practices and crafted its collection up-cycled materials.  Thai silks were used to convey the joy of the brand’s “from Sunrise to Sunset” concept expressed in an array of wearable art pieces: gowns, jackets, trousers, beach wear, and accessories that lit up the stage with a timeless palette punctuated by olive, taupe, lime, beige, and shocking pink.