MOK BY MOE KHADRA - rtw aw23/24

Launched in 2008 in Beirut, MOK by Moe Khadra. The line of MOK shares the iconic vision and design aesthetic of its founder, Moe Khadra, fused with a contemporary, forward-looking nomad spirit.

The signature MOK aesthetic combines Japanese classics with a nomad-chic attitude and tailored silhouettes. Its portfolio since 2008 of aspirational collections included ready-to-wear for women and eventually a revolutionary jewelry line for men addressing the notions and philosophies of the Sofie “HUWA” HIM. HUWA found homes globally at prestigious department stores like Harvey Nichols.

Driven by the search and preservation of identity, MOK’s immersive retail collections continuously offered a storytelling experience and a vivid statement about the quest for a nostalgic oriental man.

Inside out coats, jute-top stitched pockets and patchwork cubic jackets came together in today’s Elsewhere Collection to conjure nostalgia and the process of recollecting memories. MOK came back with pieces that not only resonate with the fashion loving persona inside of the guests but to dig deeper into the collection’s perception of escapism and bareness. The man figure walking down the catwalks with the versatile structures of a thobe, textile infusion of kimonos, oversized veils and harem pants combined duality of belonging and void. MOK’s story came to life tonight and left everyone looking inside themselves in owe to these special creations.