Mehmet Korkmaz

Mehmet Korkmaz Resort 2020 Collection Arab Fashion Week in Dubai

The World of Mehmet Korkmaz Beginning to draw attentions towards himself thanks to its skills in Turkey and Middle East and becoming a shining star day by day in the field of “haute couture” thanks to his designs, Mehmet Korkmaz took a liking to the fashion when he was just a young kid. Receiving training in Fashion Design/Fashion Marketing at the LaSalle College based in Canada, Korkmaz has added a great experience in the design training by making theatrical costumes (wardrobe) and capsule trial collections over the course of this period. Expanding his vision in the subject of haute couture by providing collection consultancy at a wedding garment company based in Copenhagen/Denmark for a while, in addition to the textile export companies, Korkmaz was one of the youngest designers who began to make his appearance in the field of haute couture when he founded his own brand in 2011.

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He presented his very first haute couture collection with the theme of White Line at a special night organized by the Foundation of Clothing Manufacturers’ Association. This was followed up by another spectacular collection that he called Vie which meant “life” in French. As a result of the interest formed in parallel with all those successful presentations, Korkmaz opened his first workshop for his special customers in 2013. He preferred to create a trend, rather than follow up the trends. He formed his own coupes and secured a loyal customer group in a very short time. He still had in mind the women who managed to look elegant even in their daily hassle, as he prepared his “ready-to-wear” collection.  He continues to display his Ready-Made Garment Collections with a concept of elegance, accessibility, and luxury, in GiziaGate stores all over Turkey but also in a number of Middle Eastern countries such as Qatar, Lebanon, Kuwait, and Baku. The brand of Mehmet Korkmaz was founded by “Mehmet Korkmaz” who is an “Haute Couture” and “Garment” brand designer.